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For Us - БАРС Юридична компанія

BARS-this legal company that gives the next types of services :  

   legal advice, preparation of points of claim, solicitors, complaints, correspondence with state . by organs, appeal of decisions of communal and social services,  with jars (analysis of agreements), accompaniment turn-key of all operations on the real estate (landed questions, purchase-sale, giving up, exchange, lease), inheritance, legitimation of resiting, accompaniment of the building beginning, receipt of necessary documentation, work with agreements (drafting, examination of agreements, contracts and other documents); it is participating in negotiations with partners, registration and liquidation of enterprises of any patterns of ownership. A help is on sale or purchase of business, departure on transactions.We guarantee.(there is an agreement on a nondisclosure). If you had a difficult situation do not despair!

Hopeless situations are not.

Main correct approach and decision will be necessarily.